Here’s Why You Should Not Wash Chicken Before Cooking It


Kitchens are those parts of our house that are ought to be the cleanest and therefore we are taught to keep the kitchen mates germ-free. Not only the surfaces and the utensils should be fresh, but also we are taught to wash all the vegetables before cooking.

Also, when preparing chicken, people tend to clean the bird as well. But hey… did you know that you have been doing harm to yourself by washing the raw chicken?

Recently, we have always focussed on the right and wrong ways of eating chicken but now, let’s see the correct way of cooking it.

It can cause food poisoning

Because raw chicken is covered with bacterias, which comprises of salmonella and campylobacter.

The truth we know is actually not true.

So far, we knew that washing the chicken will eliminate the bacterias but washing the bird under running water spreads the germs.

Jennifer Quinlan, a researcher contributed to the study of chicken.

She’s a researcher at the Drexel University and participated in a study that was funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The study was particularly based on this subject.

Her report revealed a few things.

Washing the raw chicken does not really kill bacterias, but people have to do it because many recipes demand the chicken to be washed and patted dry.

“Don’t Wash Your Chicken” campaign!

This is the campaign which the Drexel University started to make people aware of their misconception.

The substitute…

Experts say that if you really feel like doing something to clean it, then you can wipe it with a disposable paper.

Otherwise, preparing the chicken as normal is advised.

And then wash your kitchen implements as well as your hands thoroughly.

Have a look at what the experts have to say about it.